Oregon Guided Wine Tours With Our Cellar Door Charm and Savvy

Greetings!  We are your tour guides for your Oregon guided wine tours.

We just wanted to give you a little background on who we are and why you should choose Cellar Door Wine Tours while visiting Oregon’s wine country.

oregon guided wine tours - Helen Avery imageI (Helen) am a Colorado native, but I’ve lived in the Portland area on and off since 1997.  Mark grew up in the Northwest near Seattle and has also lived in the Portland area since 1998. 

We met in 1999 while I was managing a local restaurant near Portland, and Mark was a beer and wine salesman.  It was love at first sight.  Our first date was at a local beer and wine festival, and we never looked back.

We eventually ended up here in Newberg, Oregon, the heart of wine country, in June of 2009.  By then our closest family members had established a thriving vineyard named Whistling Ridge Vineyards, located in the heart of the Chehalem Mountains in the Ribbon Ridge American Viticultural Area (AVA). 

We decided this is where we wanted to raise our family and be close to the ones nearest and dearest to our hearts.  It’s one of our greatest joys to be a part of the vineyard life here in the Willamette Valley.  One of our favorite activities is watching the vineyards change with the seasons.  

Living in Oregon’s wine country is an anual event.  We love watching as the buds start to break in the spring and then watch them grow into grape clusters in June and July.  When the grapes start ripening as August and September roll around, we do a family bottling day on Labor Day Weekend at the our vineyards tasting room.  Then as autumn sets in, we start anticipating the whirlwind of the “Crush” when the grapes are harvested.  

At the end of each season, as we head into December, we have a “Progressive Dinner” hosted by three separate wineries in the Ribbon Ridge AVA.  Here we get to eat, drink and be merry with all our friends and reminisce about another year, another vintage in the making, and quietly ponder what the next year will bring.

“As tour guides we are offering something that is

exquisitely different than what other companies offer”

Since living here in Newberg, I has stepped down from my role as a business owner and manager in the restaurant industry.  It was time to build our family, but I did accept a position at the Jory Restaurant at the Allison Inn and Spa, a 4-Star Resort, in Newberg, Oregon.  While at the Jory Restaurant, I’ve had the luxury of gaining connections with and being trained by the best sommeliers, chefs and wine distributors in the wine industry.  

oregon guided wine tours Mark Treick image At the same time, Mark brought out his pencil again and started drawing.  Along with an Art degree in drawing, Mark received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography from Central Washington University.  

His talents were obvious as a child, and truly has a gift for producing very detailed drawings that are mistaken often if not always, as photographs.  Focusing on a series of drawings revolving around the culture here in wine country, Mark has personal fine art pieces and free lance work that keeps him very busy through out the year drawing.     

You can see Mark’s drawings at www.marks-drawing-portraits.com, and you can commission Mark for your next masterpiece. Any ideas you may have are on the table. He loves taking on new challenges that will stretch his skills.  

Mark also has over 9 years experience in the Beer and Wine sales industry throughout the Portland area in Oregon and in Denver, Colorado.  His passion for serving and presenting beer and wine pairings with culinary treats is one of his favorite things to do day in and day out.  

Attributing that passion to his study of Geography in college, he truly believes in the connection that beer and wine have to the landscape and thriving communities.  He believes to have one, you have to have the other.  (I’m sure he’ll let you know all about his thoughts on this subject while you’re on the tour.)  Mark truly is a talented and gifted professional and a warm hearted human being.  

So one day – literally –  We decided to jump into the oregon guided wine tours business and become wine tour guides.  With Helen’s background in wine, food, and customer service, and Mark’s background in management, beer and wine sales, as well being a locally renown artist, we figured we can share ourselves and our experience in offering people who are coming to this area an exclusive experience that is unique and memorable.  As tour guides we are offering something that is exquisitely different than what other companies offer.   

As your tour guides we offer oregon guided wine tours bringing you to “Destination” and “Boutique” Wineries (Not to mention our family vineyard!)  and share our enthusiasm for wine, food, art, while enriching your experience from a unique and truly local perspective while catering to your needs and what you want in your oregon guided wine tours experience.  

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“oregon guided wine tours is another way of saying oregon guided wine tours” – Mark Treick



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